Hope is not a strategy. And unless you make changes, it’s highly unlikely the next couple of years will be much different than the last two.

I never saw Moses bring the Ten Commandment Tablets down from Mount Sinai.  I never saw Noah pack animals two by two on the ark before the great flood.  I never saw Jesus turn stones to bread.  I never experienced a landing on the moon other than from the comfort of my living room.

And I have never experienced a simple choice as to who to listen to in our modern age.  So many silky-slick voices telling us that that they have a slice of truth which will benefit us mightily.  Buy this.  Invest in that.  Vote for change.  Listen to him, but don’t give your ear or cash to her.

The cacophony of contrasting voices – smoothed to gravelly – claiming to speak for the Lord of Manna – are driving me insane.  Success beckons, and the fool in me follows one pied piper after the next to the financial abyss.

I read something today which challenged one of my cherished beliefs.  Why?  Because it turns the truth on its head and absolutely makes sense.

The words come from a high school dropout on welfare who took a notion to a multi-million-dollar cash machine level once he decided to mortgage his life on a good hunch.  His name or business may intrigue you, but they are a different subject for a different day.  Hearken it to say he is one of the world’s richest online marketers in the media world.

But I digress.  Here are his words for free:

“Have you ever stopped to think how ridiculous it is that people run when they hear “get rich quick”?  I mean, would you rather get rich slowly?”

Here’s the rub.  There are so many false gurus telling us that they have the instant path to riches (for us).  Some may even be in the poor house while espousing  such high-sounding ideas, however…

Whether a scoundrel or a saint, why go for the gold in the the slow lane?  Why doubt that there are trailblazer-entrepreneurs who are dedicated to sharing the treasures of life which they have accumulated?

I do not doubt that generosity is inherent in most human beings, once we learn how to turn on the sprocket of wealth on demand.

The quest for riches starts by networking, not being the lone wolf selling one widget at a time.
It starts when you stop feeling that going in the slow lane is noble.  The Protestant work ethic has always been a myth.  I’ll assure you that all religions and races want the best for their brethren without feeling guilt about it.

Don’t feel conflicted about becoming wealthy.  Being poor is not a sin, but it is a barometer of your self-esteem and self-worth.

Take risks and be willing to be a fool and a short-term failure.  Losing is essential in moving up the economic food chain.

Mysteries That Need To Be Solved

Some of you are very savvy about finances and investment.  You understand the ins and the outs of business,  and thus make a killing in the marketplace time after time.  Kudos to each of you in this category. 

But for those who struggle with finances and worry about money constantly, the reality is that you were probably never exposed to people who either could or would educate you about money accumulation. 

Being ignorant about how money works and how it can work in your favor is a dead-reckoning sign that your bank account is running near empty.  That’s the bad news. 

The good news is that you can get a jump-start in understanding the dynamics of wealth accumulation.  And it need not cost you a bloody cent until you have accumulated a storehouse of basic knowledge. 

A great starting point for your education is to consult government websites.  Many developed countries have fantastic resources posted online or in bound volumes in government offices which instruct you about how to overcome financial blindness.

A good example of such publications is on the US government website.  Take a look at it.  Whatever country you may live in, your government or some concerned citizen group is waiting to help you.

It’s hard to be successful in business, if your life finances are going south month after month.  Make this your turnaround month.  Education about money – how it is made and nursed – pays big dividends.  

Choosing Your Pals

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”     ~Henry Ford~

It has been said that a man can calculate his station in life and his prospects by the four people he hangs around most.  Add up the income of those four, and your income (in a majority of cases) will be no more than the average of the four.

Who are you hanging around with?  Are they encouragers or discouragers?  Are they moving forward and challenging life or retreating to a comfort zone and trying to hold on for dear life?

Sometimes the very people whom we love or who claim they love us are the worst saboteurs of your quest for success.  If they are afraid of losing, then they can’t win.  And if they can’t win, they don’t want you to win either.

The quote above by Henry Ford is absolutely accurate.  The people who really love you and want happiness for you will never intentionally discourage you from having big dreams and acting upon them.

That being said, the person your married to or in a relationship with may be a true deficit to your success.   If that person you married or even that parent whom you adore is feeding you doubt and negativity, then some tough decisions must be made by you.

Do you stay with such a person and deny yourself the chance for greatness and self-confidence or do you walk away?  It’s a terrible dilemma which all achievers must address before they can advance.  Not dealing with your choices of friends and soul mates cannot but lead to underachievement, failure, and bitter resentment.

Take inventory of yourself before you get bogged down by people and environments which hold you back from greatness.  Real friends love you by listening to your dreams and encouraging you every step of the way to make those dreams a reality.

In the pinch, real friends are there for you and you for them.  Everyone has fair-weather friends – people who like you when all seems well – but true friends see your worth even when you don’t see it in yourself.

If you don’t have such a friend, it may be time to pack your bags and move on.  Or if that seems too bold, certainly you need to cut back your time with people going nowhere fast.

You Are The Product


“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”    Jim Rohn, 50-year millionaire and life coach

Do you realize that you are a truly unique individual and that that is something to be proud of and grateful for?

Each day I meet wonderful people.  They often have eloquence, thoughtfulness, prestige in the workplace.  In most cases, they seemingly maintain a stable family life.

But the sad part about many of them is that they don’t take their self-education with the same seriousness as their obligations to their bosses and companies.

For far too many people, life becomes “The same old same old.”

Education was given and received as a means to the end.  The notion that education should be a lifetime experience may be mouthed by many people, but in reality most in adulthood rarely read a book of depth unless it is thrust upon them in a professional capacity.  Most never attend seminars nor spend time in deep thought or creative mode.

In fact, if you packed all the Tokyoites or New Yorkers together like sardines and told them to scream if they had thought independently and deeply or spent private time in a creative mode that day, the open land would probably be so silent you could hear the bubbling sound of a stream.

One of the great minds of the Twentieth Century, Earl Nightingale, once said:  “Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind.”

How are you using your mind?  It is believed that your net worth is equivalent to the average of the five people you hang out with most.  Your mental prowess is duly rated according to the last five books, seminars or workshops you have utilized.

Get your mind in gear starting today and make conscious learning a part of your everyday life.

I Just Knew It


“Remember, when your intuition and your logic are in conflict, your intuition is always right. Depend on it!”     ~Bob Proctor, Entrepreneur and Life Coach~

A fine line exists between being negative toward something or someone while putting out bad vibes toward it or him/her, and being acutely intuitive and able to avoid unhappiness, disaster and tragedy.

It all comes down to how much you trust yourself and whether you are grounded and focused on a goal or vision.  If you have spent the majority of life following the crowds and obeying orders mindlessly, then your intuitive attributes will not function well, even when you find yourself in dire straits.

“I just knew it,” “I told you so,” “I can’t understand why you did that,” are great examples of the unrefined, intuitive qualities we all possess being misused or abused for egoistical reasons or to cover ones tracks.

Telling others why they were wrong or telling yourself that you had a hunch (which you failed to act upon), is both counter-intuitive and unproductive.

This message to you pains me because just this past week I took a back seat to my hunches and let someone else take the lead in a business negotiation with a Japanese businessman I had believed to be a train wreck from the get-go.  My hunch was 100 percent correct, but I sat in silence or nodded agreement while my ally forged ahead with negotiations.

Trust your intuition – those diamond-in-the-rough hunches.  As Bob Proctor has also said in The Science of Getting Rich:

“Prayer is when you talk to God.  Intuition is when God talks to you.”


Belief in yourself starts inside.  Only you can know what is best for you.  Only you can sniff out a rat, avoid it, and ultimately come up smelling of roses.

What Animals Can Teach Us About Marketing

Just a few week’s ago I had the fortune of finding a cute stray cat.  My wife and I brought it home and slowly introduced it to my two-year-old, gentle dog.  They quickly grew accustomed to each other and now often sleep snuggled up together.  Touche to the theory that cats and dogs are arch enemies.

Point one:  If two seemingly opposing animals or ideas are slowly and consistently given a chance to interact, they can be blended together in a synergistic manner – each deriving pleasure and profit from such intermingling.

And then a second pattern in their relationship emerged.  Marc, my dog, being spoiled by two years of undivided attention from me, suddenly noticed she had competition from a furry creature who was a non-stop ball of energy we call Scratch.

Every time Marc left a toy for a minute or went to grab a bowl of water, Scratch happily came to the plate.  Marc was distressed by this and would pull every toy or rag from his play book to get back my attention.  She (that’s right, Marc, is a she) often was able to bring me back to her sense of justice, and I would tug the towel or throw the ball.

But mealtime for the two was the real eye-opener.  I fed the kitty on the table using small food and water bowls.  At the same time, I would put a much larger portion of both on the floor for Marc.

Until Scratch came into our family, Marc often looked at her food indifferently and made me dump the plain-Jane canned food for some sumptuous chicken liver or another gorgeous entree.  Once Scratch finished his dish on the table, she would ravenously fly through the air to Marc’s bowl and immediately Marc would shove her aside and gobble down the food – which moment’s before had no appeal to her – like there was no tomorrow.

Point Two:  In all animal interaction, the feeling of potential loss brings out an instinctive desire to not be left behind or left out. The quickest way to get a potential customer to buy a product which he or she needs (in your sincere estimation), is to create a sense of scarcity and urgency.

While some people may call this manipulative, I say if you have created a product or service which you stand behind absolutely, then encouraging a prospect with good advertising copy is both ethical and essential for your economic survival.

You must not be ashamed to ask your customer to try what you believe is a product or service of great benefit to them.

Choose your business and products with tender loving care.  Then, throw caution to the wind in your marketing efforts.

Acknowledging Simple Acts of Kindness

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”     ~Marcel Proust~

In our frantic rush to get the economic prizes for our hard work, quite often we never look up or around at the people who make our lives just an increment easier and more enjoyable.

I’m talking about the barber or hairdresser who listens patiently to your lament, then simply says in his unique style:  “I know you can handle it.”

I’m talking about the child you scolded for not cleaning his or her room who suddenly presents you the cutest kitty clay candle made at elementary school.

I’m talking about the extra round trip to the station by your wife because you forgot a necktie.

I’m even talking about the person standing in front of you in the checkout line with a mountain of groceries who graciously smiles and gestures for you to go first. with your single loaf of bread

I’m talking about the policeman or the stranger who takes it upon himself or herself to walk you to your destination when you are lost.

Yes, there are rude and obnoxious people in our paths each day, but it is the barbers, fellow shoppers, strangers and our family that should make our day.

Open your eyes.  There is so much subtle warmth in the cold winds of our lives.