Let The Dead Bury The Dead


“Reality is the mirror of your thoughts. Choose well what you put in front of the mirror.”             ~Remez Sasson~

The very best way to help the poor, the helpless and the desperate people of the world is by becoming successful, or more preferably, rich.

Dwelling on the plight of the unfortunate billions on this planet will not change their condition significantly.  If you are trying to be kind and generous while scrambling to pay bills and keep one step ahead of the creditors, the only dent you can make on world poverty is with the man standing in front of you jiggling his tin can or selling his sister as a trick for an urgent meal.

If you have money, time and compassion – all of which rich people possess – then you can move mountains.  And when you move from the poverty to the success lane, the poor of the world will see a glimpse of hope that one or some of their brethren could also rise to the top of their game from just a single penny and a big dream.

That rise alone gives you the freedom and the understanding to help people rise along with you, rather than watching them to indefinitely remain one breath away from misery through an unearned handout by the government or a well-meaning charity meal.

Think wealth and prosperity by all means.  That is the only way you can make a difference on a large scale.  If you think you can’t rise or don’t want to rise, then don’t expect the people you throw crumbs to with the best of intentions to ever see the light.

Let the dead bury the dead while you move ahead.

I’ll Be Square With You

There is not an intentionally fraudulent bone in my body.

I want to make a difference in this world, but not at any cost.

I want to be of service to you, but I don’t have all the answers.

I want to be kind, but don’t think you can walk all over me with impunity.

I want to give the very best information to you, but information alone means absolutely nothing to the inert and the bored.

I want to be noticed for excellence, not for a Ferrari I lean against with a palatial home in the background.

I want to empower people who have never perceived themselves as successful, but there are some people whom I can’t work with and must be left behind.

I want to work with observant, straight-talking folks, but not individuals that start every sentence off with “Yes but…”

This is our fork in the road. The time has arrived to stop living in the shadows by thinking small and hiding behind the keyboard.

You are far too valuable ? even if you doubt that fact – to dwell in the sea of obscurity and mediocrity.

Claim your rightful place on the throne of your unique greatness.

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