Our descendants went through millenniums neither thinking nor believing that empowerment to achieve was an inalienable right.  Billions of the deceased passed away with their music still inside of them, sometimes out of ignorance of what could have been possible and sometimes out of resignation that success was not in the cards for them or even that God had forsaken them.

EmpoweredForAchievement.com has a modest goal:  To teach people that achieving is not a sin nor an impossibility, regardless of whether you were born in a sewer or surrounded by chamber maids and butlers in a palace.

The key to a great life and immortality is to understand the resources available for your becoming and then to become the best and most resourceful you.  It starts in infancy, not in the production-line, status quo schools.

Let’s begin the journey and never again let fear of the unknown and the unknowable  make you blink or turn back in the face of adversity.


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