A Penny Saved Cost Me Dearly

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For those of you non-technical webmasters or those more experienced ones wanting to have the newest tweak on their PC, I have a cautionary tale for you both.

Never trust your life to a stranger unless circumstances are dire and urgent.  There are people and websites which purport to be authorities in some specialized area.  In many cases, these people and sites are loaded with useful information, that is, if you are capable of understanding and then implementing it.

Most people are not capable of deciphering what is good and bad for them, so they chase magic bullets, potions and gurus while hoping against hope that these people and sites can save them from going through the learning curve.

Get over the lottery mentality because the chances are overwhelming against you that your business horse is going to even place in the race of life.

I followed the geeky advice of an authority figure on an authority site and wiped out my computer.  The author of the article titled “How to Fully De-gunk a PC of  Crapware” was flippant in stating the the solution was fool-proof and as simple as pie.  My pie crumbled and fully fifty percent of my prolific writings and research was lost in a cyber vapor trail.

My advice is to hire a professional and outsource when you want to tweak your PC or run certain aspects of a business.  The cost is much less than wasting your time and resources on becoming an expert on something you don’t need to do personally.

For good reason, most people want a car that runs.  They don’t care even slightly about how many cylinders are pumping under the hood.  They just want answers – a car that functions as transportation and provides certain creature comforts.

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