Accepting Your Spiritual Warts


If you are flawed and dysfunctunional by “normal” standards’ of judgment (or believe you are or have been told you are), should you – or must you – consider yourself unworthy of sharing your heartfelt wisdom or securing a decent life?

Life deals us blows.  If we feel persecuted, cursed and or angry, the tendency is to lash out at the world and ultimately get put down again or surrender like a shrinking violet to the Land of Obscurity and Insignificance.

Your spiritual warts ARE a badge of honor!  Even if you are a spiritual infant with an Einstonian brain or a spiritual angel with an amoeba brain, you are a significant element of Creation.  You are worthy by life to speak out and be heard, while giving and receiving love without reservation.

Spiritual or physical warts and imperfections are catylists toward leading an empowered life.  When we stop focusing on what is wrong and start focusing on what we can do with our inherent divine nature, doors will open and people will take notice of the new you.

Whether you are fifteen, masturbating and wondering if you can be loved or 56 and wondering if you’ll ever find yourself, start acting as if you deserve it.  Whether you face ridicule or more disappointmentduring this transition, there will be light at the end of the tunnel as long as you believe it is there.

It is a tragedy that so many people put there energy into supporting people who are already on the path to self-actualization.  The one percent on top of their game cannot teach you to become you, nor can they carry you to the Land of Significance.  As long as you believe that they can or will give you more, you can expect even less fromyourself.

The search for significance is personal and doable.  Fuck the warts and scars.  Speak up and be more.  You have listened too long to tales of why you can’t be someone.  Write your own story – flawed as it may seem at first – because that is your right and duty in the cosmos.


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