Believing is Seeing

I first heard that idea in an infomercial several years ago, and it stuck with me.  First because it didn’t make sense, and then because it made perfect sense.

The greatest ideas are at first only idle dreams.  With a laser-focused action plan, however, we can often bring into our physical reality that which may have only seemed to be a whimsical, screw-ball idea hatched while positioned on a toilet seat.

The seeing is believing paradigm is much more confining.  “Show me,” “Prove it,” “It’s never worked before” are all familiar theme songs of this mindset.  Its followers always miss by months the tip on the great stock to buy, the hot business to start, or the woman whom you were attracted to but just couldn’t bring yourself to dial up because of a fear of rejection suddenly moving away.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt put it best:

“The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.”

The mind is a wonderful tool at your beck and call.  A while back, I received  an email from a noted Internet marketer.  The content of the message showed the power of believing is seeing.  This is what he said:

“Here’s a real-life story I thought my fellow
marketers would enjoy hearing about.

A French website has decided to “sponsor”
all the broken bones in one particular city.

If you break your arm or leg and require a cast,
this company will pay you to have their logo
printed across the cast in large letters.

It’s actually done by an in-house artist
with just 3 different-colored magic markers.

Most people who are willing to go along with
this probably just do it for fun, and usually
accept a pittance… something like $20-30.

Virtually any website can afford 20-30 casts
and while the exposure to that logo is fairly
limited, it’s such an unusual idea, it’s very
easy to get some media publicity for it.

I’ve not heard of this being done anywhere
else, so it might be worth trying, particularly
for a site that benefits mostly from local traffic


This idea could easily have been hatched in the back of a Greyhound Bus or the confines of a prison cell.

From nothing and nothingness came something and somethingness when the mind was put to work.  Believe you me.

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