Hope is not a strategy. And unless you make changes, it’s highly unlikely the next couple of years will be much different than the last two.

I never saw Moses bring the Ten Commandment Tablets down from Mount Sinai.  I never saw Noah pack animals two by two on the ark before the great flood.  I never saw Jesus turn stones to bread.  I never experienced a landing on the moon other than from the comfort of my living room.

And I have never experienced a simple choice as to who to listen to in our modern age.  So many silky-slick voices telling us that that they have a slice of truth which will benefit us mightily.  Buy this.  Invest in that.  Vote for change.  Listen to him, but don’t give your ear or cash to her.

The cacophony of contrasting voices – smoothed to gravelly – claiming to speak for the Lord of Manna – are driving me insane.  Success beckons, and the fool in me follows one pied piper after the next to the financial abyss.

I read something today which challenged one of my cherished beliefs.  Why?  Because it turns the truth on its head and absolutely makes sense.

The words come from a high school dropout on welfare who took a notion to a multi-million-dollar cash machine level once he decided to mortgage his life on a good hunch.  His name or business may intrigue you, but they are a different subject for a different day.  Hearken it to say he is one of the world’s richest online marketers in the media world.

But I digress.  Here are his words for free:

“Have you ever stopped to think how ridiculous it is that people run when they hear “get rich quick”?  I mean, would you rather get rich slowly?”

Here’s the rub.  There are so many false gurus telling us that they have the instant path to riches (for us).  Some may even be in the poor house while espousing  such high-sounding ideas, however…

Whether a scoundrel or a saint, why go for the gold in the the slow lane?  Why doubt that there are trailblazer-entrepreneurs who are dedicated to sharing the treasures of life which they have accumulated?

I do not doubt that generosity is inherent in most human beings, once we learn how to turn on the sprocket of wealth on demand.

The quest for riches starts by networking, not being the lone wolf selling one widget at a time.
It starts when you stop feeling that going in the slow lane is noble.  The Protestant work ethic has always been a myth.  I’ll assure you that all religions and races want the best for their brethren without feeling guilt about it.

Don’t feel conflicted about becoming wealthy.  Being poor is not a sin, but it is a barometer of your self-esteem and self-worth.

Take risks and be willing to be a fool and a short-term failure.  Losing is essential in moving up the economic food chain.

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