Goal setting as a process is simple, not easy. The reason most people fail at their goals is because they have never taken time to qualify their goals.

If you have not qualified your goals, when will meets imagination you can put your money on imagination. Qualification of your goals requires you to make a commitment to the goal before you can set it and achieve it. This becomes a gray area for most people. You cannot go and set a goal and hope that it will come to pass if you have not built the foundation for the
eventual goal to stand on.

The following steps will help you qualify your goals:
1. Identify everything you want to be, do and have.
2. After four hours ask yourself why.
3. Then ask yourself if you have this goal in balance.
4. Ask yourself the following five questions
a) Is it really your goal?
b) Can you commit yourself to reaching this goal?
c) Is it morally right and fair to all involved?
d) Is it consistent with your other goals?
e) Can you see yourself reaching this goal?

You must get a yes to all these questions before you can move forward in the goal setting process.
5. Now ask yourself if this goal will make you happier, healthier, more secure, give you peace of mind, good family relationships, prosperity and hope. Here you must get a yes to at least one of the criteria.

Congratulations!  You have qualified your goal for ongoing success.



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