Highest Energy Wins

In watching the last presidential race on the Democratic Party side we can see why Obama was leading Clinton.  He was prepared, energetic and engaging.

Not that Hillary wasn’t formidable, but then Senator Obama smelled of a winning attitude.   He was one step ahead of Senator Clinton on the path to the White House.

The same spirit can be seen in athletic competitions.  Sometimes the more gifted athlete doesn’t win simply because the hunger is not there.  The desire to win is an intangible, and when it is linked with thorough preparation, an also-ran can transform into a thoroughbred.

Sir Royce of Rolls Royce fame once overheard a line worker say:  “Well, that’s good enough.”  He pulled the worker aside and said:  “It’s never good enough.  Rolls Royce is the best car in the world because every day is consider a day for improvement.”

The difference between winning and losing is sometimes only one degree of passion…WATCH…

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