If You Can Concentrate, Then You Can Win

“Those who attain to any excellence commonly spend life in some single pursuit, for excellence is not often gained upon easier terms.”     ~Samuel Adams~

The Internet is a wonderful instrument for learning, applying, and ultimately accomplishing your life goals.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in any field, what you can find in a cyber-space search could liberate you from a thankless boss and a thankless job.  It could also give you countless clues as to how to increase your productivity and find happiness whenever, wherever and whatever you do.

Here’s the rub.  There is too much to learn and too many experts and charlatans shouting for you to join their program, apply their systems, buy their ebooks or attend their seminars at bloated prices.

The trick is to know what is important for your life, and then have the strength of conviction to say No to people, ideas and events which seduce you into a state of incompetence and underachievement.

Truly these days, it is as rare as a polar bear in Maui to find someone who can concentrate long enough to achieve significant goals.

For most of us, there are far too many distractions standing between a great idea and a great achievement.  Whether it be the addictive gamer’s site, the Super Bowl, or a night out getting wasted…most people can’t stay concentrated on anything long enough to have a punctuated success.

The years are going to pass by regardless of whether or not you define your life’s mission and act upon it. Concentration combined with unbending determination could put you light years ahead of the impatient, get-rich-quick schemers hell-bent on getting something for nothing.

If you feel yourself always distracted and always underachieving, you need to reprogram your mind. You need a master who lives on the high-value side of life already.

Whoever you chose, you must put your mind and vision in proper order before moving up the success ladder.  Take the art of concentration seriously every day.  Pay attention to people.  Pay attention to events.  Note hidden opportunities.  And most importantly, take the people and their messages you experience with deadly seriousness.

Catch your most important learning experiences in a symbolic bucket and then use this watershed to launch your life into high gear.

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