I’ll Do It When…

“You must get good at one of two things. Planting in the spring or begging in the fall.”      ~Jim Rohn~

Good ideas come a dime a dozen.  Many altruistic people in forums have cushy, cathartic-feeling ideas of how to turn the world on its head.   Yet frankly most of these soap boxers are frustrated, struggling poor folks with time on their hands and a trusty computer as their only real companion.

How sad that they have little money, and no way to express themselves other than by bitching about abuses of  power and ruminating over how other politicians and entrepreneurs of their political leaning – if given the reigns – would make the world into Heaven.

I say utter nonsense to that notion.  Power isn’t out there.  It rests within the fella or gal you look at in the mirror each day.  We are dynamos when we get off our rumps.

The Internet is absolutely an essential – though not exclusive tool in reaching people for your business or project.  Unless, however,  you are a leader who walks the talk, rest assured that nobody other than complacent, lazy, get-rich-quick, do-nothingers will flock to your side and then pull you down..

And believe me – because I have been on both sides of this coin – the do-nothinger will breed contempt and scorn those who do lead, accomplish and have momentum. They will wrestle you to the ground and dope you into a stupor of hopelessness.

The interesting point is that if the lazy person does something other than complain and wait for miracles – that is, take massive, no-holds-barred action to make a go at life – movers and shakers who are able change the locked-in paradigms of unfairness will begin to listen and respond to your demands for justice and fairness..

The people in power are not computer philosophers or romanticists – they get things done.  Whether or not we like what they do is totally a waste of breath or brain energy.

The message the successful, sometimes greedy people convey is that I am motivated, directed, and thus momentum is usually on my side.  The real test of character is to take those in power to task and become the best we can possibly be – with no excuses allowed!

Everyone wants to believe they are sincere, honest and giving.  The problem is we look at those values as intellectual exercises where intent counts; I believe only action and results count.  Everything else is drivel before our fellow humans and our Maker.

I challenge myself and each of you to take massive action.    Become like the Vikings who took their family and all their possessions with them into battle.  There was no turning back.  Were they successful?  Absolutely!

Follow the wise words of my favorite mentor the next time you want to surrender and complain:

“If you spend five minutes complaining, you have wasted five minutes.  If you continue complaining, it won’t be long before they haul you out to a financial desert and there let you choke on the dust of your own regret.”

Come into this year with a new lease on life.  Become excellent.  Get help whenever and wherever you can.  Stand tall.

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