Life in the Balance

2015-06-11_9-38-56From time to time over the years I have heard the same sad song.

Though it is worth a listen, it is often ignored or detested.

The lyrics are sung by a variety of performers, each caught up in the busy-ness of modern life and while striving for financial success and spiritual fulfillment.

Their trouble is that they never live long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  They are casualties of war – the battle between living truthfully and in balance or living in a state of denial which often cuts short their visit to this world.

Your body is an important element of the “good life” which must not and cannot be neglected without dire consequences.

Here are a few of the deadly songs I’ve heard over time and have sung for myself:
1) “I need to lose weight.”  Sung like a dirge, after the fifteenth time of stating the obvious without taking bold action.
2) “I should cut down my drinking.”  Sung in a falsetto, after the third drinking binge in four days leads to a sexual assault charge being filed against you by your secretary, which subsequently results in your being fired.
3) “I know I should see the doctor about that chest pain, but this project is too important to take time off.”  Chanted just three days before a major stroke leaves you incapacitated for your remaining years.
4) “I should quit smoking but…”  Belted out before you start to hack.  By the time your lungs have taken a rest again, you’re lighting up another one and asking:   “Now what was I saying?”   If ever the Grim Reaper were to chortle, now would be his moment.
5) “I know I should exercise, but I don’t enjoy doing it.”  Crooned just before you see a train coming down the track at 100MPH.   The best you can do is to chuck the Budweiser can and hug the bag of chips before crunch  time.

Hey, we have a chance to hear the songs and change the tunes long before the choice is no longer in our hands.  The most important changes for the better in our life start when we get into a doing state of mind.

I speak from experience on this matter, not from the Ivory Tower.

Hate Working Out? Paying a BIG Price for it?

Take an inventory of your health and then begin to change it one cigarette, one beer, one hotdog, one examination, one step at a time.

No matter how old you are or how addicted you may be to an imbalanced life, today can be a new beginning.

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