Life In The Crawling Lane

“There’s no disaster that can’t become a blessing, and no blessing that can’t become a disaster.”
~ Richard Bach~

Tell an addictive person who seems bent on self-destruction that they need to face their addiction, and nine times out of ten they will ignore the good advice of a the caring friend, concerned family member or colleague.

It seems we are only moved by shock and awe.  A heart attack, a marriage on the rocks or a firing often catch us by surprise because we are not listening to the internal and external messages warning us of an impending disaster.

The three-pack-a-day smoker walks into the doctor’s office because he’s coughing up blood.  The doctor looks at the X-ray, points to a blotch on the lung, and says frankly, “This spot may or may not be malignant.  But the truth is that if you don’t kick your tobacco habit, you better map out your final days.”

The patient often has a transformational moment upon hearing the doctor’s somber prognosis.  Knowing that his life is in the balance, he often finally sees the light and never smokes again.  The seemingly impossible task of quitting suddenly and mystifyingly makes sense.  He stops because he treasures life and the benefits of living over death and the darkness unbeknown.
Isn’t it amazing how a once impossible or improbable behavior can change in an instant when a life or livelihood is on the line?

Do your best to admit and deal with your destructive habits before they spin out of control.   You are precious and worthy of success.

Stay around long enough to reach your full potential.  You need not be a slave to your bad thoughts and habits indefinitely.  If you slip while on the wagon, don’t beat yourself up.  Start again.

We are creators and we can recreate.  Greatness for you is in the cards.  That is why you have read this thought to it’s delicious conclusion.

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