Life In The Safe Lane

“Our insignificance is often the cause of our safety.”      ~Aesop~

Understand that a lion’s share of the people in the world is living – as much as possible – in the so-called safe lane.

Japan, in particular, is the unofficial home of the illusion of safeness.  From cradle to grave people are implicitly taught that standing out and standing up is a telltale sign of arrogance and recklessness.  It is sure to lead, they say (whoever they are), to isolation and poverty.

In the age of instant messaging and secret online communities, the value of playing it safe is being challenged by the young and old alike.  The day is coming, however, when the bold-faced lie of safety spread by the power elite in Japan and throughout the planet will be exposed and a new world order established.

No longer will (are?) the Japanese going to obediently drop through the Alice in Wonderland hole without a fight.  The bubbles of Japan are cresting again and the majority of people are still buying into the business-as-usual mentality while the good times roll.

But in the good times we must prepare for the winter of desperation.  Depending on a company, a hierarchy or a government to sustain you in times of desperation is foolhardy and perhaps suicidal.

The only safety is within us.  A much admired entrepreneur and trainer, Jim Rohn, says of us:  “Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.”

Unfortunately, far too many of us on the jagged rocks’ of life opt for the safety net rather than the world of opportunity and possibility.  The world – whether you live in Japan or elsewhere – is full of infinite possibilities.  This newsletter is meant to help you find those opportunities and yourself.

Safety is not an option you want to take in these economically-troubled times.  Safety is in you.

Get educated, make a plan and take action.


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