Putting Yourself in the Picture

“We need men who can dream things that never were.”     ~John F. Kennedy, 36th President of the USA~

Several years ago I heard a motivational talk in which the speaker said, “If you believe it, you can see it.”  This counter-intuitive pronouncement left me baffled and unsure how to apply the cryptic message.

Believe it or not, the mental pictures you have about yourself have painted your past, are shaping your present, and will determine your future.  Your mind follows you wherever you choose to take it.

In one book I recently read I came across a quote by Abraham Lincoln which sums up what was said in the previous paragraph:  “To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”

Wishy-washy images of being rich and happy do not register well with the subconscious mind.  You must see yourself in that red Jaguar cruising down that lonesome highway every day.  Or feel the graduation robes fluttering in the breeze as you are handed your hard-earned MBA diploma from Harvard on a summer day.

Commonly, people dream of the good life,yet haven’t the foggiest notion of what that means to them and what that entails them to do.  They follow trends and listen to everyone else’s unfounded rumors of what constitutes the good life and how to attain it.

Get a good education.  Marry up.  Get into a growing tech company.  Follow Robert Kiyosaki or Anthony Robbins.

The ticket to paradise is to sacrifice yourself for others or the common good.  Take just what you can.  Live for peace.  Die for your country.  Join the war against poverty, nuclear proliferation, global warming, AIDS, gay marriages, executive perks, abortion, child slavery, prostitution, drugs, government corruption, teen pregnancy, high fuel prices, robber barons, filth in the media…ad nauseum.

Advice by others is cheap.  The trouble is that one size never fits all in designing a life.  Nobody but you has to live with your decisions.  That’s right – your spouse or you can walk at any time on a whim!

We are each given a unique, divine mission in life – like it or not – and each of one of us can paint any picture we want of how to live and serve.  Not even our families, bosses or financial circumstances can rob us of our free will to dream huge and design a life of our own making.

I happen to be in Japan.  Many, including myself, have complained from time to time about this or that aspect of Japanese life.  But the absolute truth is that this country has every advantage you could ever wish for.  You can be or become whoever you want to be here.

It all begins when we paint an exquisite picture of who we are becoming and then live as if we have already arrived.

Visit your destiny each day until you feel right at home. 

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