Shelf It

“What begins in anger ends in shame. ”     ~George Eliot~

The world is a storehouse.  There are so many places for us to put things aside or away, that we will never run out of possibilities. This is a simple yet profound blessing.

In my life I have had to deal with anger and resentment issues.  When in my youth, anger equaled throwing a tennis racket into a pond to the dismay of my newly-introduced stepmother.  Before my stepmother appeared on the scene, it often meant pouting or defiance, mostly to my own detriment.

Long ago, my mother, who was a part player in my anger, pulled me aside and gave me some advice which has served me well in recent years.  Her lecture was given after I had written a nasty note to my sister about some perceived slight.

My mother said, “Always write a note of anger or revenge with passion, read it, and then put it in a drawer for three days for further consideration.  After the three days, take it out, read it carefully, and more often than not you will throw it away in shame.”

She was right.

The back burner is a great storehouse for all the damaging thoughts and action plans which ought not be cooked.  If you have anger or impulse issues in your life, use your back burner liberally.

The grief you will be spared is immeasurable.  The happiness you will receive will be put a smile on your face.

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