Sorting Out the Clutter

In recent months I have become overwhelmed by information and clutter.  Learning is an addiction to me and it is my passion to read and absorb as much as I can about anything and everything and pass it forward.

This passion has moved to the edge of an obsession, and thus a moment of reckoning has been thrust upon me.  In writing this article, you are invited into my world and my thinking process.

How much of what you read, think and do is essential or even relevant to your success?

Are you on target in your life?  Or are you the target for other people’s wishes, whims and objectives because of your lack of focus?

What is making you wake up in the morning, splash your face with water, shovel down an empty breakfast and dash for the office or wherever?

Most importantly, what is slowing you down?  If you honestly evaluate which obstacles are standing in your path to success – however you may define success – then you will notice that most barriers are honestly of your own making and doing.

For example, I am subscribed to more than 100 marketing websites which generate mailings totaling close to 2000 per week!  No matter how fast I rev my mental engines, I can’t keep up with this maddening info tidal wave.

What insanities, what obsessions, what obstacles are holding you back from greatness?

Put them in a mental, virtual or physical file, lock the drawer, and throw away the key.  I have recently put most of those newsletters et al in an obscure Hotmail account which is troublesome (though not impossible) to access regularly.

Yes, my addiction to information is not cured, but for once in my life I am dealing with it.  I can finally hear and feel my true mind and spirit talking to me again.  I am (and you are) a storehouse of wisdom and value without the clutter.

Doing is dependent upon keeping your life simple and focused much more than in becoming a walking encyclopedia.

Of course, disregard this insight when reading this insightful newsletter.  It is full of ideas which you can put into action rather than to ruminate over.

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