Standing Over Your Gravestone

(Your First Name) was a loving man/woman of many talents.

He/she smiled when others frowned.

He/she listened when others would jump to judgment.

He/she took each day with a deadly seriousness, yet lived each one with the enthusiasm and vigor of a toddler in a room of toys.

He/she endured many tragedies and setbacks with a dignity and determination to move forward when the sea was once again calm enough.

He/she started with no money and only big dreams and parlayed his/her strengths into a small fortune.

He/she did not stop there.  He/she took a large chunk of that money and set up (a school for war orphans) and (a fund to inoculate the poorest of the poor from deadly water-born diseases). (Fill in with your ideas).

To his/her family, he/she was a treasure.  He/she set aside time in each busy work week to spend quality moments with those closest and dearest to him/her.

Most importantly, he/she cherished life.  He/she climbed majestic peaks, visited the Seven Wonders of the World, and dined by candlelight on the Riviera.

Ah, yes, he or she was a person who has left a legacy much greater than any who had known him/her in childhood or youth would have ever envisioned.

Hats off to him/her.  We will all miss (Your First Name) and cherish his/her warm eyes, engaging smile, and carefree attitude.

The best part is that he/she is still here and able to write this eulogy in the flesh.

Challenge yourself to live the eulogy you hope is written about you.  I will do so in my remaining years and so can you, however old or young you may be or feel.

Get to work and paint in the colors of your dreams.

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