Ten Things Money Can’t Buy

Why is it that so many people who rise to the top of their game eventually sabotage their achievements?

Entertainers and sports figures are notorious for hitting bottom.  But so are managers, board directors and other less conspicuous achievers who may be rolling in fresh cash and the toys that money can buy, but mysteriously find their only solace in booze, drugs, gambling and cheating on their spouses or mates.

Tragically, you also find among those moving southward in life the swarm of people who may have risen modestly above past levels of personal achievement, only to swoon into a death roll at the first ripple of adversity.

Could it be that having money and the trappings of a so-called good life are the antithesis of what we really seek – happiness and acceptance?

Is it possible we are all being brainwashed and manipulated by an illusion that money and what it can buy will make you cool(er) and more lovable?

Many years ago I read a book which, although it has become somewhat dated, still gives an intimate glimpse into what life may be all about.  The title is “14,000 Things to Be Happy About ,” by Barbara Ann Kipfer.  It has an American flavor to it, but many of those happy things can be plugged into any culture at any time.  Give it a read for the cost of a dime.

Let me leave you with a list of my ten absolutely free tickets to feeling happy.

1.Lying on the lawn of your elementary school of years’ past on a breezy autumn day

2.Lazing back to Peter Frampton Live

3.Writing a love letter to yourself

4.Singing in the rain

5.Making the most ornery person you know break into laughter

6.Breaking routines

7.Doing much more than is expected of you.

8.Listening closely to a little child or a senior citizen in the mood to chat.

9.Belly laughing to Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First?

10.Understanding the power and gift of not always having to be right

Now it’s time to make your own happy list and then keep adding to it.  Your altitude is a state of mind, so do your best to put happy thoughts and actions into your life.  The more of them you have, the less likely you are to go into a tailspin.

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