The Blame Game

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.”     ~Robert Anthony~

Accusing others of hurting you – even when undoubtedly true – is usually an act in futility.  Very few people have intention to do you wrong, though many will (at least, in your mind) during the course of your life.  Moreover, most people become unreasonably strident when made to feel accused or guilty.

I truly believe that being caught up in the blame game and holding grudges in bitter silence will shorten your life and your chances for success on all levels.

While spread out on an operating table for emergency angioplasty several years ago, all the blame and disappointment in my own life became a moot point.  I saw my occluded heart arteries on the screen and in a surrealistic flash became aware that you create your own reality.
My heart problems were caused by internalizing anger – a poison – and holding on to it for a lion’s share of my adult life.  In some ways, I had been like a deer caught in headlights for half a century.

When I returned home from the hospital, I finally appreciated the sweet essence of life.  In my remaining years I resolved to not blame and to not get unnecessarily angry about the petty wrongs I perceive others do to me.  Most of them are only in my head and, if left unchecked and unattended, will eat away at my heart again.

Smoking and overeating are signs that we are at dis-ease.  They are not truly the cause of sickness and premature death.  They are obvious signals of an unhappy internal engine which has never learned to cope with the pains and setbacks associated with being a human being.

If this short musing doesn’t hit home with you, certainly pass it on to someone with whom it might.

We can change and reprogram our minds to find the good where we used to find bad.  Ultimately, we will no longer need to beat ourselves up about the small stuff.

It doesn’t matter who or what is at fault for your shortcomings.  What matters is realizing where you are and making the changes necessary to feel good about yourself at all times.

Sleep well and wake up tomorrow with a zest for life.

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