We Have A Right To Be Rich

“Virtue does not come from wealth, but. . . wealth, and every other good thing which men have comes from virtue.”       ~Socrates~ 

Yes, we do have the right!  Not simply to acquire money for money’s sake, but to fully express our God-given uniqueness and full potential.  

I guarantee you – and I speak from the school of experience – that if you lack money, then you have a crappy attitude towards it.  

Perhaps that attitude stems from your religious upbringing.  Or perhaps it is derived from having been born into poverty and having hung around with impoverished people living in squalor and feeling that it is God’s will that we should all suffer until Heaven.  

Perhaps, perhaps…but I feel that most people who would read the headline above and want to read on are suffering from lack-itis.  Anyone with me thus far has more money and opportunity than 95 percent of the world’s inhabitants. 

Lack of confidence, for starters, leaves us in the starting gate or  peeking in the upscale toy store at Christmas.  You get what you deserve.

Lack of developed imagination, to dig deeper, leaves us feeling incapable of finding a niche or something we can excel at and be paid to do. We slave on and complain until Kingdom comes. 

No game plan, for the main course, leaves us adrift and chasing one scamming opportunity after another.  This leads to cynicism on a large scale. 

Lack of a vision that you can be rich and deserve to be in that picture leaves us bitterly bankrupt of thoughts and cash. 

The thread in this message is that if everything (or most things) in your life come from a poverty mindset, then expect the worst.  Not even a huge lottery jackpot can save you from yourself. 

Yes, lack kills dreams and leads to surrender before the phantom enemy ever attacks. 

So why not think huge?  Entertain yourself as being royalty.  Treat others as if you are already rich.  In other words, be generous, forgiving and engaging with every soul you come in contact with.  Everyone is on your team, so trust before you shut the door to possibility. 

You have a right and a duty to have the most and give the most.  That thinking style cannot but help lead to unimaginable riches which can’t be measured in coin.

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