What Everyone Needs…And You Can Give

“The work of an individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward.”
~Igor Sikorsky~

There have been times where being kind was the last thing on my mind.  People all around me would be screaming and calling for revenge.  But I never found it to be empowering to join the mob and lynch the bum.

For we all have 24 hours a day to live and to dream.  Why mortgage your happiness for an event or person or people that has brought you unhappiness?

Many of us have been taught implicitly that business and life is a dog-eat-dog reality.  Those of us who want to make it, must put sentimentality and caring behind us, so we are told.  Otherwise, they warn, the wolves will devour us.

I write to empower people, myself included.  I can’t climb into your skin and walk your mile, but I can give you the tools and networking opportunities necessary for you to attain excellence.

That’s my part.  And I will not let you down.  I’m an honest broker.

If each one of us can touch even one person a day with encouragement, unselfish attention and a smile…then we can move this planet.

Tell someone today that they are somebody of worth.  Mean what you say.  I guarantee you – all sentimentality aside – that you will have made a positive difference and a friend.

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