Work Around Your Imperfections

The story goes that Sir Henry Royce, the founder of the Rolls-Royce automobile and legendary engine, once overheard a couple of workers on his exacting assembly line discussing the workload.  One of them said:

“That’s good enough.”  Royce came unglued.

He walked up to the young worker, tapped him on the shoulder and took him far away from the other worker.  Then he sternly stated,

“Young man.  It is never good enough.  There is always room for improvement.  I hire you to not only watch over the assembly of a car, but to make certain that this vehicle is of the highest quality in the world.  Now get back to work and do your job with pride and passion.”

Rolls-Royce has stood for excellence and pedigree for over a hundred years since that legendary story was first hatched.

In your life is everything just good enough and passable, or do you have the mindset of a Henry Royce?  No doubt your product, service, dreams and goals could always use a tweak or ten.

Truth be it, we are not capable of perfecting ourselves and the goods and services we work with unless we ask for feedback and help.  And once we get that feedback, we need to make a monumental decision.  The decision is whether or not to do whatever it is on a “that’s good enough” basis or hire someone to get it done for us excellently, as Mr. Royce would.

My suggestion is to work around imperfections and not let vanity or pride stand in the way of your success.

Take a smaller share of the pie, if you must, in order to insure excellence.  Make your job, your company, your life resonate with the sounds and sights of excellence.

Run your life as if everything you sell or make must pass the ruthless inspection of a Joseph Stalin or your own worst enemy.

And hang this accurate Henry Royce quote over a snapshot of your family or loved ones:

“Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.”

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