How To Discover (Or Rediscover) Your Passion

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What affairs have you left undone?

If tomorrow were your last day on this planet, could you proclaim to your Maker or your mate that you gave it your all – that you have no regrets?

Come clean.  I’ll bet the farm that you are hiding from yourself because you have come to believe that your dreams of youth are now unrealistic or unimaginable.

Most likely you live under the white flag of surrender, regardless of whether you can come to grips with that painful fact or not.
You give lip service to how happy you are, yet you sense you are riding through life with the emergency brake engaged.

You work in a job which pays the bills but provides scant satisfaction.

You hang out with people who challenge you not to change.

You may even be married or companion to someone who makes you continually unhappy to the extreme, yet you hang on to the leaky status quo through fear of loss.

So I challenge you – just as I challenge myself – to be a bigger person and truer to yourself.

Evaluate the circumstances you have chosen and decide whether it’s your life or someone else s which you are living.

Humorist Josh Billings once quipped,
“When the truth is in your way, you are on the wrong road.”

In order to discover who you are and what you are capable of, you need second opinions from people whom you can trust to be bloody honest in a sensitive way.

Isn’t it time to take control of your life force and live for a purpose of your own choosing?

Get  started on defining your goals in life and then taking bold steps forward.

Make yourself whole again.

Be honest to the core.

Trust yourself to find solutions to your life riddles. You definitely can do it.

A good starting point is to evaluate your aptitudes.  I found (and took) a very accurate test online a few years ago.  It was so dead-on, that I knew I had to change.

Take this eye-opening evaluation while it’s fresh in your mind.  It is an investment of less than the cost of a latte and some cheesecake at Starbucks.
Claim your greatness back!

Depending upon where you are on the success ladder, there will be obstacles and set backs to deal with.  Deal with them, one and all!  You do not want to live a bitter life of regret and second-guessing yourself.
“If you are going through hell, keep walking.”
~Winston Churchill~

Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure


A number of studies in recent years have suggested that vascular diseases–heart disease and stroke–may contribute to the development of dementia.

Don’t smoke or abuse alcohol.

According to a recent research report from Harvard Medical School, \”Improving Memory: Understanding Age-Related Memory Loss,\” smokers perform worse than nonsmokers in studies of memory and thinking skills. Heavy alcohol use can also impair memory.

Get regular exercise.

Physical activity may help maintain blood flow to the brain and reduce risk factors associated with dementia.

Maintain healthy eating habits.

Eating vegetables may help slow down the rate of cognitive change in adults. Of the types of vegetables, green leafy vegetables had the strongest association with slowing the rate of cognitive decline. Also reducing foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol and eating fish with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and tuna, may benefit brain health.

Maintain social interactions.

Social interaction can help reduce stress levels and has been associated with a lower risk of dementia. Get out from that computer parking space once in a while.

Keep your brain active.

Some experts suggest that challenging the brain with such activities as reading, writing, learning a new skill, playing games, and gardening stimulates brain cells and the connections between the cells, and may be associated with a lower risk of dementia.

And, once again, don’t forget what you just read!