Published by Richard Posner on May 30, 2014

How To Discover (Or Rediscover) Your Passion

What affairs have you left undone? If tomorrow were your last day on this planet, could you proclaim to your Maker or your mate that you gave it your all – that you have no regrets? Come clean.  I’ll bet the farm that you are hiding from yourself because you have come to believe that…

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Published by Richard Posner on May 28, 2014

Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

A number of studies in recent years have suggested that vascular diseases–heart disease and stroke–may contribute to the development of dementia. Don’t smoke or abuse alcohol. According to a recent research report from Harvard Medical School, \”Improving Memory: Understanding Age-Related Memory Loss,\” smokers perform worse than nonsmokers in studies of memory and thinking skills. Heavy…

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