Me Incorporated

“If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance.”      ~Derek Bok~

I often ponder about the principle of frugality and how to tame the itch for buying things which are not assets.

Defining an asset can often require the slight of hand of a trained, pencil-pushing accountant.  In one instance, however, you can with certainty know you have an asset – because that asset is none other than you

You are an asset which should never be neglected, abused or washed over by a desire to watch time-wasting TV dramas, play 10-hour gaming championships online or fritter away precious time in a 16-hour weekend snooze.

Investing in yourself is both essential for your spiritual and business growth.  The book not read, the audio message not listened to, or the seminar not attended can often be the small but significant difference between success and clear failure.

Prioritize or re-prioritize so that you put your self-education at or near the top of your “to do” list every day.  Brian Tracy, the premiere business coach in America, says:  “A minimum of 10% of your monthly net income  must be set aside for upgrading your skills.” 

Jim Rohn, another mega-successful business coach and my favorite, says pretty much the same thing as Brian.

Yes, success does leave traces.  All men and women of high, constant achievement take the course, attend the seminar, read the book or listen to the audio program.  They may give up temporary enjoyment, but the rewards are exponential for the sacrifice.

Cutting corners is not an option  for high achievers, and neither should it be for you and I.  Splurge on your education.  In truth, you are a walking corporation, regardless of whether you see yourself in such a light.

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