Opportunity Lies Between The Cracks

“Go around asking a lot of dam-fool questions and taking chances. Only through curiosity can we discover opportunities, and only by gambling can we take advantage of them.”    ~Clarance Birdseye~

In big business circles it is not unusual for the discoverer of a new technology or application to drift off into obscurity and even poverty.  Ask the McDonald’s brothers who sold out to Ray Kroc for pennies on the dollar.  Ask the Indians who sold Manhattan Island for less than $30.

Truthfully, it is not the business that makes the opportunity, but the innovative brainpower to twist and tweak mediocrity and status quo into overflowing dollars that does.

Luck does not exist.  It is the result of putting your mind to work.  The “how to” of turning our ideas into cash eludes most of us.  Many of us have had an idea or two that one day – amazingly and to our chagrin – is seen in motion making someone else a small fortune.

Our knee-jerk reaction is often to blather out:  “That’s my idea!  I just knew it would work.”  Unfortunately, there is absolutely no consolation in just knowing.  Action does speak volumes more than idle words or concepts.

Idea factories are often too caught up in perfection to ever accomplish anything.  People may call them smart or even intuitive for their schematics and broad-stroked visions, but often their bank balance sheet whistles to another tune.

The next time you have a great idea, don’t forget to write it down.  After writing it down, don’t forget to research about it – who has a similar idea and how have they or will they apply it in the marketplace..  Then, remember to network with people who are successful or who, at least, have a burning desire too succeed.  Such a mastermind group can help you see between the cracks of your great idea and make your transition from dream to reality possible.

Life principles and practices – if developed thoughtfully – can guide you no matter where you reside and no matter where you may now stand on the economic food chain.

Become the man or woman who earns the millions by putting ideas into play.  And laser focus rather than jump from one great idea to the next.

Highest energy always wins.

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